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A lasting gift for people who are blind or have low vision

16 Oct 2018

As the trustee of the State Trustees Australia Foundation, State Trustees is committed to understanding bequestors and donors’ interests and preserving their legacies. A retired librarian, Winifred Gleeson, who died in 1998 when she was 70 years old is one such bequestor. During her lifetime she had her will written with State Trustees and left much of her estate to establish a sub-fund with the Foundation.

Established in the name of her late husband and herself, the Thomas James Malcomson and Winifred Gleeson sub-fund indicated a preference to make annual distributions to the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind (now known as Vision Australia) which it has been doing now for twenty years.

The initial value of the sub-fund was approximately $1m, and with annual distributions for twenty years, funds provided to Vision Australia have now exceeded the size of the initial gift. As a result of the power of perpetuity, the value of the sub-fund corpus is approximately $1.4m, and it will continue to distribute annually year after year to support people who are blind or have low vision.

Annual distributions to Vision Australia continue to support people who are blind or have low vision from birth through to the elderly across the various life-stages to achieve their goals and dreams and fundamentally to live the life they choose.

Vision Australia understands that giving in perpetuity is a fantastic opportunity to carry on the legacy of a person’s generosity, just like Winifred Gleeson, supporting them to achieve their mission and goals for the community in which they work.

“Here at Vision Australia we are fortunate to be the recipients of such gifts, they give us the capacity to forward plan our activities so that our clients, who are living daily with various low vision conditions or blindness are fully supported in their choices and can achieve their goals and objectives,” Chief Executive Officer, Ron Hooton said.

Winifred Gleeson’s bequest helps people like Parker. Parker is your typical 2-year-old; he loves running and baking cupcakes with his mum, but he can only see some colours and shapes and very little else. Parker and his family were referred to Vision Australia and his mum Amy says,“Vision Australia is part of our family, and they will be a part of Parker’s family for the rest of his life too”.

Vision Australia’s specialist therapist works closely with Parker and his family to help him develop the necessary skills that he will require for lifelong learning.

Leaving a bequest to State Trustees Australia Foundation can genuinely make an everlasting difference in the community, just like Winifred did with her decision to support Vision Australia in this way.

Parker is seen here with his Orientation and Mobility Specialist Cath, learning how to use his long white cane to walk around safely, independently and most importantly, with confidence.


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