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Who is the Online Will suitable for?

The Online Will is a secure and user-friendly platform, perfect for anyone over 18 with straightforward circumstances. It’s a one-off payment of $69 per person.

Straightforward circumstances can mean:

  • You don’t have a previous spouse.
  • You don’t have children from a previous relationship.
  • You don’t plan to set up a Special Disability Trust.
  • You don’t plan to exclude someone from your will.
  • You don’t have valuable assets where estate taxes may apply (investments, overseas property etc.)

If you have more complex circumstances, consider a personalised will-writing appointment. 

To get started with your Online Will, simply create an account, complete the payment step, enter the details of your will, print then sign. 

Why choose the Online Will?

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Easy and fast

Making an Online Will is simple and can be done in less than 30 minutes.

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Step-by-step guidance

Simply fill out your details and answer the prompted questions as you go.

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Create your will in your own time without scheduling appointments.

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Complete your legal will for just $69

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Unlimited edits

You can make edits to your will for up to 90 days before clicking “finalise my will.”

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Free storage

Register and store your will safely through our free service with The Victorian Will and Powers of Attorney Registry.

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How it works

  1. Create your account and pay online


  2. Complete the details of your will within 90 days

  3. Print and sign with a witness present

  4. Register or store your printed will in our secure will bank for free

What our clients say

What to consider in your will

Name an executor

Nominate a person you trust or a professional organisation like State Trustees who can carry out the instructions in your will after you die.

List and allocate items of value

List your items of value including things that matter most to you and decide who will receive them as part of your estate.

Leave your children in safe hands

Nominate preferred guardians to care for any children or dependants.

Plan for pets

Your will can ensure that your pets are adequately provided for by your estate while also nominating a suitable carer for your pets.

Leave a legacy

Divide your estate into portions and leave gifts for those that mean the most to you or charities and causes you’re passionate about.

Fee summary

You can make your will using our Online Will for a flat fee of $69. There are no additional costs or subscription fees involved. You can also store your printed and signed Online Will safely in The Victorian Will and Powers of Attorney Registry for free if you live in Victoria. 

Frequently asked questions

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Every Victorian over 18 should have a legally valid will. It tells people what you want to happen to your belongings after you die. The clearer your instructions, the better it is for those you leave behind.

Without a will, you die intestate. This means state laws decide how your property and belongings are distributed and you don’t get a say. You also won’t be able to control who makes your final decisions. Costs can be higher and the time taken longer (typically 12 months or more).

While a will is a great way to let you express how your assets are distributed, it’s also a way to let your executor know how you wish to be remembered. This might be done through funeral instructions, or outlining who will look after your children and/or pets. Wills are also a great way to leave specific gifts, which can be anything important to you. From a secret scone recipe to your cricket ball signed by Shane Warne.

You can store your will at The Victorian Will and Powers of Attorney Registry which is free for Victorian residents. It’s safe and secure and trusted by over 80,000 people across the state. For details, go here.

Yes. Every State Trustees Will is legally valid for use in Australia if filled out correctly online or with your Will Writer. 

Beneficiary: a person who is given a gift or other benefit under a will. 

Executor: a person or organisation appointed by a testator in a will to carry out the provisions of the will. 

Estate: all property and possessions owned by a person, whether solely or with one or more other persons. 

Guardian: a person who has primary responsibility for the general welfare of a minor, even if the person does not have day-to-day custody and control of that child. 

Gift/bequest: something that is given to a beneficiary under a will. For example, a will may include gifts of money, real estate or personal effects (such as jewellery). 

Minor beneficiaries: any beneficiaries written into the will who may be under 18 at the time of your death. 

Residuary estate: what is left of a deceased person’s property and possessions after funeral and administration expenses, debts and other liabilities have been paid and specific gifts have been distributed. 

Intestate: a person who dies either without having left a valid will or leaving a will that doesn’t give away the whole of their property. 

Online Will

$69 is the total Online Will price for all inclusions as listed above. It is free to store your Will once signed and completed here: Victorian Wills and Powers of Attorney Registry

The Online Will is suitable for those 18 and above with straight forward circumstances. If you need assistance with more complex circumstances, it’s best to arrange a Will appointment. Complex circumstances might include provisions for special needs/disabilities bequests, trusts, complex investments or property, or leaving someone out of a Will that could contest it later.

Unfortunately, no. By law, each person needs their own individual Will document. That means you need to sign your own will individually (not jointly) and use your own email address. You also cannot register a second Online Will from the same email address.

You have 90 days to complete the Online Will. To ensure the security of your account and details, edits to your Online Will are only permitted prior to you clicking the “finalise my will” button. To make edits after finalising, you will and need to purchase a new one.

State Trustees use enterprise-grade multi-layered security, and we have an in-house team that monitors our systems. The Will you fill out with us is created on a highly secure platform and your Will purchase and card details are protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.

Will Appointment

Will Appointment pricing: Singles (1 document): $330 Couples (2 documents): $600 Discounts are available if:

  • Book as a couple
  • Are a concession card holder
  •  Nominate State Trustees as executor
  • Activate your Financial Power of Attorney with us
  • Purchase a will plus one or more documents.

Learn more about discounts and bundle document pricing here

Once your appointment is booked, a Will Writing Expert will be in touch with a pre-appointment questionnaire that helps plan for your appointment.

If you have complex circumstances, own overseas assets, have multiple investments, or need to exclude someone from your Will, then it’s best to have a Will Appointment with one of our State Trustees Will Writing Experts.

Yes, you can book at any of our two office locations in Victoria. They are Footscray and Dandenong. Video appointments can be made by special request only, please call us on 1300 138 672

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please use the links provided in your appointment email communication or contact us at 1300 138 672. We kindly ask that you refrain from cancelling or rescheduling within 7 days of your appointment.

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