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Cancer Research

Total Amount Granted: $385,379 since 2018

Total number of grants: 9

Type of Grant Round: By invitation

What are the objectives?

  • To support research into the causation, prevention, and diagnosis of cancer
  • Treatment of cancer.

Past Recipients

Financial Year Organisation Title Amount
FY22 Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute Support for Senior Research Leaders at Peter Mac $64,466
FY22 National Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Cancer Research and Treatment $20,639
FY21 National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation DNA nano biosensor for cancer diagnostics $58,409
FY21 National Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Cancer Research and Treatment $18,488
FY20 Cancer Council Victoria The Australian Breakthrough Cancer Study $55,172
FY20 Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute A novel approach to improve the standard of care for Breast Cancer Patients $28,205
FY18/19 Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute Understanding and Treating Metastatic Dormancy $65,000 over two years
FY18/19 Cancer Council Victoria Protecting & empowering parents against influence by advertising for unhealthy children’s food products $75,000 over two years


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