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Executor Services

When someone dies, their assets are called the estate. Assets include a person’s property and belongings that have value, such as a house, car, shares and investments.

If the person had a will, they would have chosen an executor in their will. The executor is responsible for administering the estate by following the instructions in the will.

We are Victoria’s leading estate administrator and can help in a number of ways. A person can choose us as the executor in their will. This means we will manage the administration of the estate from beginning to end. An executor can also ask us to take over their role and manage the administration for them.

If an executor wants to stay in the role of executor but needs some help, we can help with tasks like:

  • applying for probate
  • preparing tax returns
  • some legal services, such as conveyancing

Our client story

“I was fortunate to be able to attain the services of Sophie Andriopoulos and her team. Not knowing where to begin nor what to do, she not only made me feel at ease, she simplified the process for me. Sophie was phenomenal. She was extremely empathetic and patient with my emotional state and well versed in all matters.

I have to say, had it not been for her and her team, life would have been extremely difficult and stressful, especially given the worries of our financial matters, my young children and the fact we were all still very much in shock.

State Trustees have been an amazing support network and I highly recommend their services. They were thorough, patient, supportive and professional. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me and my family. It will never be forgotten.”

Rachel T



Executor services State Trustees VIC

Executor Checklist

Being an executor can be overwhelming and you can feel unsure about where to start.

We have created our checklist to help an executor who is about to get a grant of probate or an executor who is already in the process of administering an estate.

What the checklist includes

The executor checklist has:

  • an outline of the roles and legal responsibilities of an executor
  • a checklist of the different tasks an executor needs to do to administer an estate
  • information about applying for a grant of probate.

Download it now

Executor Checklist

Want to know more about our Deceased Estate Administration?

Learn more about how an estate is administered including:

  • the role of an executor
  • what probate is
  • complications that can come up during the administration process.

Learn more about Our Executor Services.

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