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FAQ - Trustee Services

  • What is a trust?

    A trust is a legal relationship where one person or organisation, called the trustee, is responsible for safeguarding assets for another person or organisation, called the beneficiary.

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  • Why should I set up a trust?
    Trusts are generally created to provide a long term structure to manage assets for the benefit of loved ones or for a charitable purpose.
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  • What type of Trust should I set up?
    This really depends on your circumstances, wishes and intentions. You might intend for the trust to protect the inheritance of young children or a disabled or vulnerable family member to provide for their future.
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  • What is a Trustee?
    The trustee is the one who is responsible for owning the trust assets and conducting the administration of the trust in accordance with the rules in the trust authority (the will, trust deed or court order), the laws, and in the best interests of the beneficiaries.
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  • If I am a Trustee, can I hand over my responsibilities?
    Yes. Sometimes a trustee can no longer perform the job of being a trustee. This could arise from age, illness or relocation. It might also be that a trustee simply no longer wants to perform the duties or has come into conflict with the beneficiaries. In these cases, it may be best that a new trustee takes over.
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