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Who has the authority to sign a service agreement with a provider on behalf of a mutual client who does not have decision making capacity to do so?

In instances where a mutual client does not have decision making capacity to enter into the agreement, the only people who can sign a service agreement are plan nominees or legally-authorised persons (e.g. financial administrators or guardians).

State Trustees is unable to sign service agreements where it is beyond the powers of an administrator e.g. provisions that affect the mutual client’s personal and lifestyle decisions. In these circumstances, State Trustees will be able to authorise sections of the service agreement that impact on the mutual client’s personal finances.

Will State Trustees approve NDIS invoices from service providers on behalf of mutual clients?

No. State Trustees cannot approve NDIS invoices on behalf of mutual clients. In these circumstances, if approval of a NDIS invoice is required, a guardian, plan nominee or support worker will need to approve the invoice

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