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How can State Trustees help me participate in the NDIS?

Will State Trustees apply on my behalf to enrol me into the NDIS?

In instances where you do not have a guardian, any family or support networks to assist with your NDIS application and where it is in your best financial interests to get support funding from NDIS, then State Trustees can assist you with the application process.

Does State Trustees automatically become my plan nominee?

No. State Trustees cannot be appointed as your plan nominee as the responsibilities of that role may conflict with our role as an (financial) administrator. You should let the planner know that State Trustees is your administrator.

Will State Trustees attend planning meetings with me?

No, but we can refer you to people who can assist you prepare for the planning meeting. We would like to make sure you are aware that your most recent financial statement from State Trustees can help you at the planning meeting. The statement gives you information about your current spending, and can help you to work out how the NDIS can best meet your needs. We recommend that you take a copy of your statement with you to your next NDIS planning meeting.

Will State Trustees be my plan manager?

No, NDIS is paying for some of the things called ‘supports’ that you need to help you do what you want to do. You can choose a plan manager to help you to pay your support bills.

Can State Trustees manage my NDIS plan?

State Trustees manages your assets and estate. We cannot manage your NDIS funds as this is not an asset or income source for you. All NDIS funds should be managed by registered plan management services providers.

Will I have to pay a plan manager any fees if I choose to use one?

No. The NDIS will make direct payments to the plan manager as per the published price guide on the NDIS website.

Will State Trustees exchange information with my guardian or plan nominee, if I have one?

In Victoria, the guardianship and administration functions are separate. If it is in your best interests then State Trustees may provide information to the guardian for the purposes of managing your affairs.

Can State Trustees receive NDIS funding on my behalf?

State Trustees can only receive transport funding from NDIS. If you want State Trustees to receive transport funds on your behalf then you should request that NDIS send an email to State Trustees at: to obtain your bank account details.

Why can’t State Trustees get my NDIS plan from the PRODA portal (the NDIS’s payment system)?

State Trustees cannot be appointed as a plan nominee. This means the NDIA will not give State Trustees direct access to your NDIS plan, including via the portal.

Why does State Trustees want a copy of the NDIS plan?

State Trustees manage some of your money and savings. We want to be able to keep doing this in a way that is best for you. This means we need to make sure we don’t pay, from your own money, for things that the NDIS should be being paying for.

So, to allow us to check the types of NDIS supports you’re getting, and make any changes to your budget that might be needed, we’re asking you to let us have a copy of your most recent NDIS plan.

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