Executor Assistance when you need it most

04 January 2024

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Executor assistance when you need it most

Losing a family member is an overwhelming time. This loss can turn your life upside down and it is important to deal with the grief in your own way. It can be extremely difficult to have to put those emotions aside to fulfil the role of being the executor of your loved one’s Will, especially when you may feel lost, overwhelmed or not know where to begin.


You have been entrusted to ensure your loved one’s final wishes are carried out by being named as the Executor of the estate– this is often an honourable task that comes with tremendous responsibility during a very difficult time. The weight of the role can often become too much, and it is good to understand what options are available for assistance.


State Trustees provides assistance when Executors would like to retain their role but offset specific estate administration tasks to experts that can deal with legal and financial matters.

Helping everyday people

John and his brother Justin were named as Executors of their deceased father’s estate. Both brothers found some of the tasks very challenging and were initially concerned that they would need to consult an Attorney but received advice that State Trustees could assist at a reasonable fee.

“As an executor, handling someone’s Estate can be quite challenging. Someone suggested that State Trustees could assist, rather than going down the path of a Solicitor. We initially contacted State Trustees who promptly emailed both Justin and I a proposal with a scale of fees, which we thought were very reasonable.”

The brothers were provided with great support through their journey and were kept informed every step of the way

“Throughout the journey, Sophie has provided great support, and everything was done in a timely manner to the point of Probate being granted. We have no hesitation in recommending State Trustees to assist other Executors going on the same journey.”

– John Goold

How we can help

State Trustees can manage the estate on your behalf or we can assist with completing tasks related to the deceased’s estate. We always act impartially and in the best interest of the estate. We can assist with:

  • Applying for and obtaining a grant of probate
  • Taxation, including preparation of required returns and tax advice with respect to the deceased tax payer and the estate
  • Estate-related legal services such as non-standard conveyancing
  • Administration services, including selling and distributing assets
  • Genealogy services to locate any family members who have been left bequests in the Will

Every estate is unique. Some may be complicated, or others may be straightforward. Sometimes an estate may appear straight forward, but unexpected complications may arise. As Victoria’s leading estate administrator, State Trustees is experienced in all types of estates.


Explore the resources or call us for obligation free advice on 1300 138 672.

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