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Disadvantaged Children

Total amount granted: $441,000 since 2016

Total number of grants: 7

Type of Grant Round: By invitation

This round is currently closed and wholly allocated to Beyond the Bell.

Beyond the Bell is an innovative and place-based collective impact, aiming to increase education attainment for young people in the Great South Coast region of Victoria.

Beyond the Bell developed an approach that views education attainment as a continuum from conception to adulthood. Beyond the Bell collectively strives to coordinate improvements at every stage of the continuum, recognising that no single person, organisation, sector or government can accomplish it all alone. The goal is for 90 percent or more of young people to achieve Year 12 or equivalent by 2030.

It is a long term goal and State Trustees Australia Foundation proudly supports the collective and collaborative approach taken by Beyond the Bell.

What are the objectives?

  • Addressing systemic issues
  • Ensure all children have access to education and opportunities to help them grow and thrive
  • Build strong communities through collective impact

FY2019 Recipient

Beyond the Bell $96,212

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