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What is Personal Financial Administration (PFA)?

Our duty to protect the community.

At times, individuals in our community need help with their financial and legal affairs; this is where we can help. We provide personal and ongoing support tailored to the needs of individuals, who due to disability, illness or injury are unable to manage their own financial and legal affairs.

“It’s a load off your shoulders. Things like utilities are sent there and they are paid. Making decisions about bills is hard work, especially when you have a mental illness.” – Fran

We have been providing financial administration for decades. In fact, we currently help over 9,500 Victorians with their everyday financial and legal matters.

We may be appointed by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to administer and protect your financial affairs. When VCAT appoints us, our role is to help you make the most of your income and protect your financial and legal interests.

For more information, please visit the VCAT website.

State Trustees as your administrator

When we have been appointed by VCAT to act as your administrator, our responsibility is to manage your financial affairs, protect your legal interests, and collect all benefits you may be entitled to.

Our team of dedicated consultants will:

  • identify and collect any income you are entitled to, or income from other sources, including pension entitlements
  • contact anyone who owes you money and attempt recovery of the debt
  • manage your everyday banking needs and arrange funds for your personal expenses
  • manage your assets and investments
  • maintain accurate records of your finances
  • contact your creditors and arrange repayment of any outstanding debts you might have
  • arrange payment of your bills and everyday living expenses
  • insure your property and all relevant expenses, such as rates are paid if you own your own home
  • investigate and attempt to resolve any unsettled legal issues.

What do we charge for this service?

State Trustees charges fees for administering your affairs.

Download Fees and Charges Guide

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