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Plan ahead, protect your loved ones and ensure your assets are in safe hands with our guided Online Will. *Limited time only.

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How to make your Online Will

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Why make your will online?

Quick and simple

Our Online Will is a guided experience. You could complete your will step-by-step in as little as 30 minutes.


Just a one time flat fee of $59*. Down from $69 to $59. *Limited time only.

Backed by legal experts

We’ve been trusted by generations for over 80 years and built an Online Will that is legally valid across Australia.

What’s included in the Online Will?

   8 Sections

  • Personal details: Tell us about yourself
  • Executors: Who should manage your estate after you die?
  • Guardians: Who do you want to look after your children?
  • Care for your pets: Who will look after Fluffy and Rex?
  • Funeral service: Tell us how you’d like to be celebrated
  • Residuary estate: Who do you want most of your estate to go to?
  • Gifts: Leave special gifts to the people who are special to you
  • Minor beneficiaries: How old should minor children be when they inherit?

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Download your FREE will preparation guide

6 steps to preparing your legal will

Considering writing your will but don’t know where to start? This is the perfect step-by-step FREE guide for you.

Download to learn:

  • What happens without a will.
  • The 6 steps to preparing your legal will.
  • The role of an executor and how to confidently choose one.
  • Plus, expert tips throughout.

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Any personal information you provide State Trustees will be handled in accordance with all applicable privacy law. For more information, refer to our Privacy Policy.

Online Will FAQs

  • Is the State Trustees Online Will suitable for me?
    Our Online Will writing platform is designed to help Australians over 18 years with simple and straight forward circumstances write their own will.

    If your situation is more complicated and you: want to leave assets to someone with special needs or disabilities are planning to leave someone out of your will who expects to benefit want to include a trust of any kind in your will have complex assets, such as a large share portfolio or overseas property are involved in a family trust, a private company, self-managed superannuation fund or partnership plan to use the Online will, to help a visually impaired person or someone who can’t read or write English. If any of these things apply to you or you aren’t sure what to do, you can ask for help from a will writer.
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  • What if I don’t have any assets?
    While a will is a great way to let you express how your assets are distributed, it’s also a way to let your executor know how you wish to be remembered. This might be done through funeral instructions, or outlining who will look after your children and/or pets. Wills are also a great way to leave specific gifts, which can be anything important to you. From a secret scone recipe to your cricket ball signed by Shane Warne.  
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  • How much is the Online Will?
    You can make your will with our Online Will writing platform for a flat fee of $69. There are no additional costs or subscriptions fee involved.
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  • Is the Online Will legally valid?
    Yes, they are. As with any type of will that is prepared, you need to ensure that it is printed and signed correctly. When filling yours out, we provide you with clear instructions on how to make it legally enforceable. 
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  • Can I make a joint Online Will?
    No, as per law, each person needs their own individual will document. So, for a couple even if the instructions in both wills mirror each other, you will each need to write your own will that will be signed by the respective person. 

    Tip: Each user for the Online Will needs to have their own email address, you cannot register for a second Online Will using an email that has been used before.
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  • How long do I have to complete my Online Will?
    Upon purchase you have 90 days to complete your Online Will. You can update it at any time during the 90 period. After this time, you will need to purchase a new will. 
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  • How do I update my name and DOB in the Online Will platform?
    Your name and DOB can be updated by clicking My Account under Account Profile in the online will platform. From here update your information as necessary and the changes should apply immediately if you have not started any section of the online will. If your online will is in progress, go to Personal Details and click Save & Next to cement the update. Your updated name/ DOB will reflect when previewing your online will.
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  • Is it safe for me to use the Online Will platform?
    Our website has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to make sure that your credit card details are securely handled. We have dedicated in-house teams who monitor our systems against potential threats, and additional lines of defense including in-house compliance and audit teams, and advanced business continuity frameworks. 
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  • Can I complete my Online Will on a mobile device?
    It is recommended that you use a desktop to complete your Online Will, the platform is not currently mobile friendly. 
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  • Can I edit my Online Will once purchased?
    Upon purchase you have 90 days to complete your Online Will. You can update it at any time during the 90 days. After this time, you will need to purchase a new will.  Please note: once you hit ‘Finish Will’ you will no longer be able to make updates.  It’s a good idea to review your will when there have been significant events in your life, or every 2 to 3 years to ensure it still meets your requirements. 
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  • What is an Executor?
    An Executor is the person or organisation you appoint to be responsible for impartially carrying out the wishes in your Will.

    Your Executor makes sure your estate is dealt with according to your wishes. This can be quite complicated, even with the most straightforward estates. Your Executor will need to: identify all your assets and liabilities; apply for probate if required; protect your assets; complete conveyancing if required; prepare tax returns for you and your estate; defend your estate from any legal claims if required; mediate and resolve any disputes between beneficiaries; distribute the proceeds of your estate.
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  • How do I appoint State Trustees as my executor?
    You may want to take away the burden from your family or loved ones at an emotional time. Or you may simply have no one to appoint as an executor who would be able to do the complex tasks of administering an estate. This is where we can help. 

    We are an independent and impartial executor with a wealth of experience. We are experts in all aspects of estate administration. We administer more deceased estates than any other organisation in Victoria. To appoint us, ensure you have State Trustees selected in the executor section of the Online Will.   
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  • What is a beneficiary?
    A beneficiary is a person or other legal entity (e.g. a charity) that receives a benefit from the deceased estate.
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  • Can a beneficiary also be my executor?
    Yes, they can be and often are. You may want to take away the burden from your family or loved ones at an emotional time. Or you may simply have no one to appoint as an executor who would be able to do the complex tasks of administering an estate. This is where we can help. 
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  • Where do I store my Will?
    The Victorian Will and Powers of Attorney Registry is an initiative offered by State Trustees. It is a safe place to store your Will and Powers of Attorney documents. It is free for anyone who lives in Victoria.
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