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Why You Should Consider a State Trustees Will Kit

28 Jul 2021

Why You Should Consider a State Trustees Will KitWriting a will sounds like a much bigger task than it really is. It is certainly something worth a great deal of thought, but if you have a relatively clear idea of who you want to provide for when you’re gone, you should have no trouble at all producing a will yourself that reflects your wishes.

Our Will Kit is a fast, easy and reliable way of producing a valid will. And it comes with a step-by-step planning guide that will help you throughout the process of writing a will by yourself.

What is a will?

Your will is your voice after you’re gone. It tells people what you want done with your assets after you die. By recording what you want, and leaving clear instructions, your family and loved ones will be better off.

A will is designed to ensure that:

  • The right people are provided for after you pass away.
  • Your wishes with respect to your children and guardianship are known.
  • Your assets are distributed according to your wishes.
  • The people responsible for managing your estate understand how you want your affairs managed.

Taking the fast and effective route

All you need to do now is fill your will out as clearly as possible and ensure that you’ve met obligations for validity. To be recognised as valid, a will must be clear and unambiguous, signed and dated by you, and signed and dated by at least two witnesses.

Some things to look out for

A will kit is perfectly well suited to a great number of people. But there are circumstances where the Will Kit is not appropriate. For example, you might have interests in trusts or businesses, or receive a foreign income. There are five simple questions that you can ask to find out what type of will is right for you.

Distributing your assets in line with your wishes does not have to be overly complex. But it is essential to be clear about what you want. If you’re feeling uncertain about what assets you have to distribute, and how you wish to distribute them, you may be better suited to reaching out to a professional will writer to help you.

Get started with State Trustees – Buy a will kit at Australia Post or Online

State Trustees is an organisation that seeks to assist Australians in protecting their legacy and their financial wellbeing. We seek to make our services as accessible as possible. In Victoria, that effort includes making physical copies of our Will Kit available via Australia Post. For those living in other states and territories of Australia and looking for support in writing a will, we also have a digital option. This downloadable PDF Will Kit is a legal template for use all across Australia, and can be purchased online.

For any questions you might have, do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling 1300 138 672 or fill out a contact form today!


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