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Don’t leave behind a mess with an out of date will – Sue’s Story

28 Jul 2021

Thinking about death is never pleasant. However, ensuring you have an up to date will means you can leave your loved ones behind knowing they will be taken care of and your wishes will be respected.

For Sue, creating a new will was a priority once she turned 65.  While she did previously

have a will created through a solicitor, when it came to creating one, Sue chose to use State Trustees on a recommendation from friends.

“I am at an age where I thought I needed to get organised. I had a will previously, but I made that when my now 38-year-old daughter was only a year old, so it was very overdue to be updated.”

Given there is only me and my daughter, I didn’t want to leave her with a big mess to clean up and I knew from past experience that State Trustees had a very efficient system in place when it comes to wills.

The entire process was very simple and fast. I made an online enquiry and then booked a face-to-face appointment with one of the will writers.

With State Trustees, I could do everything. I left wishes for my funeral and made sure there were clear instructions for my assets so my daughter didn’t have to worry about any of that which was so important.”


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