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Who should I appoint as my Attorney?

The person you choose as your attorney must be at least 18 years of age.

In most states and territories, and for most types of power of attorney, your attorney must also not be bankrupt or under administration. This is especially important for financial powers of attorney.

In Victoria, your attorney under an enduring power of attorney can’t be your:

  • care worker
  • health provider
  • accommodation provider.

A power of attorney for financial matters must not have been convicted or found guilty of an offence involving being dishonest.

You can also appoint a trustee company, like us, as your attorney for financial matters.

The person you choose should be someone you can trust. They should have the experience, skills, resources, and time needed to be able to do their role. You need to let them know that the role of attorney can be a complicated, time-consuming, and demanding. It can be particularly difficult if any family disagreements come up.

You can appoint more than one person to act as your attorney. However, you must say if they can make decisions for you on their own or if they have make them together.

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