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How and when may I revoke a Power of Attorney?

You can revoke (cancel) your power of attorney at any time. You just need to tell your attorney and collect and destroy the original documents. However, you must have capacity to do this, meaning that you are able to make your own decisions.

You can also use the revocation form in our Power of Attorney Kit. You will need to give a certified copy of the form to your attorney. To have a copy of an original document certified, you need to have the copy signed and stamped by someone who is legally allowed to do this. Some of the people that can certify documents include a justice of the peace, a police officer and a pharmacist.

Make sure you write down how you let your attorney know you were cancelling their power of attorney.

You should also think about speaking to the organisations (such as banks) that your attorney may be dealing with for you. This is to make sure your attorney doesn’t continue to make decisions for you after you have revoked the power of attorney.

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