Our Services

As Victoria’s leading estate administrator, we can help in two ways: manage an estate on your behalf or complete tasks for you. 

For peace of mind, we act impartially and in the best interests of the estate at all times.

Deceased Estate Administration

Convenient end-to-end estate administration


  • For executors who do not wish to remain in the role or where someone has died without a will
  • We take on full legal liability and responsibility for administering the estate
  • Services include arranging funeral and burial, obtaining death certificate, organising probate, managing assets, preparing tax returns, distributing estate to beneficiaries and managing conflict
  • Fees charged to the estate for complete administration
  • Peace of mind that the experts are taking care of everything

Executor Assist

Help with specific estate tasks


  • For executors who wish to remain in the role but need help with specific estate tasks
  • We perform certain tasks on behalf of the executor who retains the legal responsibility for the estate
  • Select one or more services such as obtaining probate, property services, genealogy services to locate beneficiaries, tax advice and preparing returns, legal services
  • Fees are charged to the executor for the service(s) selected
  • Assistance where the executor is unsure or inexperienced


Enquire now to receive obligation-free advice about how we can help you. We will respond within 48 hours. Or contact us directly on 03 9667 6444, outside Melbourne call 1300 138 672.

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