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What are Executor Services?

The role of an executor

An executor is reponsible for ensuring someone’s final wishes are carried out.

Being an executor often means having to make some tough decisions. It helps to have some experience in finance, business or law.

As Victoria’s leading estate administrator, we can help in two ways: manage an estate on your behalf or complete tasks for you.

For peace of mind, we act impartially and in the best interests of the estate at all times.

Let’s consider the two ways we can help you:

Deceased Estate Administration (convenient end-to-end administration)

We can manage the estate on your behalf.

If you’ve been appointed as executor but don’t believe you have the time or ability to fulfil the role, you can choose to authorise State Trustees to administer the estate on your behalf. Fees in relation to the complete administration are charged to the estate.

When appointed or authorised as an executor, State Trustees will:

  • take on complete legal responsibility and liability for the estate
  • take the pressure off you at a difficult time
  • act impartially at all times with a focus on carrying out the wishes of the person who has died
  • use our experience to help you get the best outcome possible
  • offer convenient end-to-end estate administration
  • handle outstanding debts and estate administration costs

State Trustees can administer an estate on your behalf in any of the following situations:

  • if there is no Will and if you are an eligible next of kin according to the laws of intestacy, you may authorise State Trustees to act
  • if you have been appointed as executor and don’t wish to proceed for any reason, you can authorise State Trustees to fulfil the role of executor.
  • if all of the named executors are not available, able, or willing to take on the role, the next of kin with the largest entitlement can authorise State Trustees to administer the estate
  • where State Trustees has already been appointed in the will.

Executor Assist (help with specific estate tasks)

We can support you in your role as executor.

You may feel honoured to have been appointed as executor in the Will of someone close to you. However, it can also be a huge responsibility – one that comes at a time when you are grieving a personal loss.

If you wish to retain your role as executor, State Trustees can help with specific estate administration tasks. Fees in relation to specific services are charged to the Executor, but can be reimbursed from the estate.

Our experts can support you whether you’re at the start of the estate administration process or if you have already obtained a grant of probate.

  • For executors who wish to remain in the role but need help with specific estate tasks.
  • We perform certain tasks on behalf of the executor who retains the legal responsibility for the estate.
  • Select one or more services such as obtaining probate, property services, genealogy services to locate beneficiaries, tax advice and preparing returns, and legal services.
  • Fees are charged to the executor for the service(s) selected.
  • Assistance where the executor is unsure or inexperienced.
  • Our fee for a standard application for Grant of Probate starts from $2,250 including GST*. Fees for any other services after a Grant of Probate is obtained are additional.

*The fee is based on a standard application for a grant of probate. For an application for a grant of letters of administration and a complex probate application requiring additional affidavits, an additional fee of $1,450 including GST will apply. For more information about what constitutes a complex probate application contact State Trustees on 03 9667 6444 or 1300 138 672 (outside Melbourne).

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