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How does an Estate transfer ownership?

Property, vehicles and deceased estates

A death of a relative or friend is a difficult time. If you are an executor or beneficiary, then there are a few things to consider regarding the deceased property or vehicle.

Real estate

If real estate is jointly owned, it automatically becomes the property of the surviving joint owner.

A survivorship application will need to be lodged with the Titles Office/Land Registry. A survivorship application informs the Titles Office/Land Registry that one of the owners has died and the title of the property will be transferred into the surviving joint owners name.

If there is no surviving joint owner, real estate will be dealt with in accordance with the Will. Following a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, real estate is typically transferred into the name of the executor or administrator (referred to as the legal personal representative).

The legal personal representative will hold the real estate until it’s ready to be distributed in accordance with the Will.


To transfer car ownership to a beneficiary entitled under a Will, you will need to provide copies of the death certificate and the Will to VicRoads. You will then be required to complete a transfer form.

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