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I have been appointed as an executor in a Will, now what?

The executor is appointed in the Will and is responsible for administering the estate as per the instructions in the Will.

Your first job is to locate the original Will and arrange the funeral. The following are some of the basic tasks that the executor typically performs:

  • apply for a grant of probate
  • identify and notify the beneficiaries, including anyone interstate or overseas
  • secure assets
  • pay outstanding bills, arrange asset valuations
  • defend the estate against litigation
  • lodge tax returns (if applicable)
  • set up trusts (if requested in the Will) and administer them

As an executor, you can choose to retain the role and administer the estate or authorise a trustee company (such as State Trustees) to perform the duties of executor.

How can we help?

State Trustees are the experts in all aspects of estate administration. We can manage the estate on your behalf, or we can support you in your role, with our executor assist offering.

If you have any questions about executorship or maybe you need some assistance on how to handle an estate, we can help.

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