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Social Media Terms of Use

The State Trustees Social Media Terms of Use (Terms of Use) sets out the rights of State Trustees when engaging with the public through its various social media pages. Users of State Trustees’ social media pages should refrain from using, or engaging with the social media pages if they do not accept these Terms of Use.

State Trustees reserves the right to alter these Terms of Use without any advance notice and to close any of its social media pages, for any reason, without notice.

When contributing your views to State Trustees’ social media pages, please respect other users and ensure that any material you share complies with the Terms of Use of each social network provider (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.)

Acceptable use and moderation

State Trustees moderates the social media pages it operates during regular business hours and will moderate any material that is:

  • abusive, threatening, defamatory or obscene
  • fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
  • in violation of any law or regulation
  • otherwise offensive or inappropriate
  • overtly political
  • not suitable for all ages
  • discriminatory or offensive (particularly regarding the race, age, gender, sexuality, political leaning, religion or disability of others)
  • offering to sell goods or services, competitions, chain letters, spam or any other unsolicited commercial messages

State Trustees reserves the right to permanently remove unsuitable content from its social media pages, without informing the user, including those that violate our Terms of Use and accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by, or in connection with, such removal.

State Trustees does not undertake to inform users when their comments and posts are moderated. Repeat offenders may be blocked from contributing to State Trustee social media pages without any warning. Where we deem it appropriate, such as if we believe that the content is personal or affects other users’ enjoyment, we may remove comments and take the discussion ‘offline’ or into a private channel.

Responding to your enquiries

State Trustees will endeavour to respond to social media posts requesting further information promptly during business hours. We will not post responses outside of business hours.

Social media services may occasionally be unavailable, and State Trustees accepts no responsibility for lack of response due to network downtime.

Social Media Disclaimer

While State Trustees endeavours to maintain the currency, accuracy and completeness of the information published on its social media pages, information is subject to change. State Trustees therefore does not guarantee the currency, accuracy or completeness of the information published on its social media pages and users should verify this immediately before use.

Comments, visuals, videos and other material posted by users on State Trustees’ social media pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideals of State Trustees, its employees or affiliates. State Trustees accepts no liability whatsoever for the content shared by other users and disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise from the information contained on its social media pages.

Third party information

Links to external websites are sometimes provided as a convenience to users and do not imply endorsement of the linked website, service or person by State Trustees. State Trustees is not responsible for the content or reliability of links or any loss or inconvenience arising from their use.


If you have specific enquiries, we encourage you to contact State Trustees on 1300 138 672.

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