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Know the terms

  • What is a Will?
    A Will is a legal document that details what you’d like to happen to your estate. It helps ensure your assets are protected and enables you to appoint a guardian for your children.
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  • What is an Executor?
    An Executor is the person or organisation you appoint to carry out the wishes in your Will.
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  • What is a beneficiary?
    A beneficiary is a person or other legal entity (e.g. a charity) that receives a benefit from the deceased estate.
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  • What does intestate mean?
    Dying intestate means a person has died without a valid Will. State and Territory intestacy law then determines how an estate is to be distributed using a set formula.
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Before you get a Will

  • When should I make a Will?
    It’s a good idea to review your Will when there have been significant events in your life, or every 2 to 3 years, to ensure it still meets your requirements.
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  • Why do I need a Will?
    Your will is your voice after you’re gone. The clearer your instructions, the better it is for the people you leave behind.
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  • What happens if I don't have a Will?
    If you die without a Will, you die intestate. Being intestate means that the relevant state or territory laws of intestacy will determine how your estate is to be managed and distributed.
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  • How is a Will revoked/cancelled?
    In Victoria, a Will may typically be revoked or cancelled by destroying the will, or creating a new will.
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After you get a Will

  • Where do I store my Will?
    The Victorian Will and Powers of Attorney Registry is an initiative offered by State Trustees. It is a safe place to store your Will and Powers of Attorney documents. It is free for anyone who lives in Victoria.
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  • How often should I review my Will?
    It’s a good idea to review your Will when there have been significant events in your life, or every 2 to 3 years.
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