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A will helps ensure your loved ones will be cared for after you’re gone.

The State Trustees Legal Will Kit helps you prepare your own will.

It’s a convenient and affordable solution for those with simple and straightforward circumstances. For example, where you intend to leave everything you own to surviving members of your immediate family, such as your partner and/or your children, or extended family or friends. It also allows you to nominate a guardian for any minor children you may have.

To find out if the will kit is suitable for your circumstances, or if you should consider a face-to-face meeting to discuss your will, please see our FAQs.

The Legal Will Kit includes:


Step-by-step instructions

The instructions explain nine steps for how you should complete your will. Each step of the process is written in an easy to understand way to help you write your will.


Simple explanations

We have made it easy to understand the important aspects of a will which are explained in simple English, including:

  • appointing your executor
  • choosing your beneficiaries
  • nominating guardians for your children
  • specifying gifts
  • a glossary of key terms relating to wills


Checklists, templates & sample wills are included

To help you plan your will there are documents in the kit you can print out and complete. They include:

  • a personal details schedule to help you create an inventory of your assets and liabilities, and provide information for the guardian of minor children and other important contact details
  • will notes to help you structure your will
  • a sample will for your reference
  • a will template, a legally valid form ready for you to complete to prepare your own will

Legal Will Kits are valid for all jurisdictions in Australia.
A Legal Will Kit is fast, simple and convenient and only $31.50.


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  • Will Kit – single
  • Will Kit – double
  • Power of Attorney
  • Statutory Declarations

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Will Kit


The Will Kit is valid for all jurisdictions in Australia.

Downloadable PDF documents to print and complete at home.

Will Kit & Power of Attorney Kit Bundle


The Will Kit is valid for all jurisdictions in Australia. A separate, tailored Power of Attorney Kit is available for each jurisdiction in Australia.

Downloadable PDF documents to print and complete at home.

  • Victorian Power of Attorney compliant to March 2018 legislative change.


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