Why work for State Trustees

At State Trustees we strive to make a genuine difference to the lives of our clients, an attitude that also inspires the way we work.

CEO, Craig Dent

I’m very proud to lead State Trustees as the CEO and, like all our people, I’m passionate not only about the work we do for the public benefit but about creating a work culture that people aspire to join.

We are uniquely positioned in the public sector which allows us to continually strive to make a sustainable contribution to the community that is of public benefit to all Victorians. As a government organisation we are committed to the promotion of a constructive work culture that is always improving and transforming.

As part of our organisational culture, our people are encouraged to develop a deeper involvement with the community and to improve their connections with it. We have a dedicated program for our people to contribute to our local communities in a meaningful way. This produces a strong, constructive service culture that is underpinned by a desire to create positive impacts on the lives of Victorians.

Being of service to all of Victoria is a cornerstone of their role for our people at State Trustees. We are a client-focused, outcome-orientated team that strives for excellence in all areas of our business.  Our people like to know their work is connected to something meaningful, and at State Trustees, we support employees in following their passion for this.

Who we are:

As the ever-present trusted partner of the Victorian community, our mission is to protect the vulnerable and safeguard the legacy of all Victorians. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Our vision is to ensure all Victorians have their legacies safeguarded, and lead lives free of financial abuse.

We provide a dynamic and supportive work culture and employ more than 400 passionate people who work tirelessly to deliver a seamless service to our clients.

Why we are a great organisation:

  • Engaged and passionate people
    At State Trustees, we are always driven and committed to looking at new ways of doing things. We embrace a culture that constantly challenges us to make a difference to peoples’ lives. Our people are passionate about delivering services that deliver benefit to Victorians and continually strive to achieve better outcomes for our clients. It’s what brings people to our organisation and it’s what makes them stay.
  • Supportive, constructive culture and values
    At State Trustees, we actively work towards creating a constructive work culture that fosters an environment of collaboration, contribution and excellence in everything we do. We are proud of our people who contribute to our vibrant and engaged work culture with a passion for the work they are doing for the Victorian community.
  • Transforming the Public Sector
    State Trustees is a public sector organisation which is committed to doing things differently. We’re proudly innovative in our approach to public service and are constantly developing better ways to serve our clients and the Victorian community. Our people leverage their experience and expertise from various industries to drive innovations and efficiencies in everything we do to create a positive impact in the lives of Victorians.