Why every parent needs a will

30 November 2023

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Life is unpredictable. So, it’s important that we plan for the unexpected – especially when our children depend on us. With some careful planning, and a will, you can ensure that your children have the support they need if anything happens to you.

Dying without a will – what are the risks?

‘Intestate’ is a word used to describe dying without a valid will. If you die intestate, all your assets and belongings will be given out according to intestacy laws. If you have a partner, these intestacy laws will typically treat that partner as the first person with rights to your assets and belongings (also known as your ‘estate’). But everyone’s situation is different, and these laws might not be exactly how you want your estate handled – including what goes to your children.

Your will and choosing a guardian

For many parents, the biggest concern is making sure that their children have a guardian if they die unexpectedly. Writing a will is your chance to say who you want that guardian to be.
Your choice of guardian for your children might be important to you because of considerations like lifestyle, morale or religious values. Or it could be that you want your children taken care of by someone close to you and your children. You can check out our Child Guardianship Checklist for a closer look at the details that might matter to you when choosing a guardian.
It’s important to understand that your choice of a guardian in your will is not enforceable by law. So, it’s extremely important that you talk with your guardian and obtain their consent. It’s also a good idea to talk about what you expect if they do become responsible for your kids. Although not usually included in your will, you can document them separately, nonetheless.

How a will helps secure your child’s financial future

A will is also an opportunity to make sure your children are looked after financially.You can use your will to leave money or assets to a partner or guardian of minor children, or directly to your children if they are of age.
At State Trustees, we are often asked about what goes into setting up a minor’s trust. If this is an option that you want to explore, you can do so with one of our professional will writers in an in-person or video will consultation. They can walk you through this fairly complex process, and we recommend undertaking this with the guidance of a legal professional like one of our experts.

Write your will with State Trustees

When it comes to making sure your children have the support they need after you die, it’s important that you consider writing a will. Luckily, creating a basic will has never been easier than it is today. In as little as 30 minutes, you can create a will using our Online Will. For additional help, we’re here to help you every step of the way with our Will Appointment.
For any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling 1300 138 672 or fill out a contact form today!

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