A new Australian citizen, a new will – Anand’s story

04 December 2023

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Anand’s story

Moving to a new country comes with many challenges – new cultures, new people and new laws and rules. In some countries, there are different rules around what happens to your assets when you die, which can be confusing to new citizens.

For Anand, becoming an Australian citizen meant he needed to create a will for the first time.

“I migrated from Singapore and recently became an Australian citizen. When I first came here, I was under the impression that if anything happened to us, all of our assets would go to our parents or children by default as this is the case in Singapore. However, in Australia it is different which is why we created a will with State Trustees. My friend recommended State Trustees to me and in my experience, they were very easy to work with. They were very friendly and professional. Because it is all very new to me, they helped to enlighten me about the process and were kind and patient. They made writing a will so simple and quick.


The primary motive for creating a will was to be able to let our children know what our wishes were, so there is no difference of opinions about our assets after we pass. It was also a good opportunity to highlight to my children what assets we own. Without a will, they would not know what I have in terms of property or loans, or where the assets are located. This was very helpful. I am thankful to State Trustees for making the process easy for me.”


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