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You have the ability to make a lasting difference

Whatever you’re passionate about, we can assist you in creating the positive impact that you’d like to see in the world. Whether it’s giving at-risk children the best chance at a healthy life, reducing the incidence of mental illness or caring for beautiful Australian landscapes, a charitable trust can enable you to make a difference well into the future.

State Trustees offers everyday Victorians the chance to make a real difference either during their lifetime or through a bequest in their will.

Charitable trusts are an easy way to donate on an ongoing basis, or as it is known, in perpetuity. As a donor or someone leaving a bequest in perpetuity, you have three key options when giving. You can:

  • Nominate a specific charitable organisation, where you can name your favourite charity
  • Suggest a charitable cause area that might be close to your heart
  • Leave a bequest for general charitable purposes, in which case State Trustees Australia Foundation will use their expertise to direct it to areas of high need in the community which may change over time. This is done through our annual granting programs.

Giving in perpetuity through a formal structure can sound daunting, but State Trustees is here to help make it a simple and effective process for you. With no upfront fees, you can establish a sub-fund within State Trustees Australia Foundation or create a separate private charitable trust.

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