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What type of Will do I need?

Whether you need to make your first will, or update an existing will, we have flexible options to suit every Australian. No matter what your circumstances are, we can help.

Make your will today with State Trustees.

2 Ways you can make your will with us

The Online Will

Online Will

Complete online, print and sign
Australia wide
Simple wills, guided online experience
Complete within 30 days, anywhere
At your own pace
Guided online experience
Start now


Will Consultation

In-Person Will Consultation

From $97 (over 60 years of age)

From $200 (under 60 years of age)

Written with will writer (video consultation available)
Victoria only
Simple and complex wills
Complete within appointment time
1 to 2 hour appointment
Expert and tailored advice
Book appointment

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Stories of our clients

Learn why having an up-to-date will is so important not only for yourself but for your loved ones.

Read more about wills

Everyone needs a will no matter what their circumstances are.

For your children

It’s vital that we plan for the unexpected especially when our children depend on us. Read more

For your partner or spouse

Having a will is no less important for same sex couples. There are specific points you and your partner should consider. Read more

For your cuddly friend

It’s common for pet owners to be concerned about what happens if they are no longer around to care for their pet. Read more

For yourself

You should still make a will even if you don’t have a partner or children to look after. Let’s look at why. Read more

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