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Celebrating Seniors

Write your Will from $96

As a proud supporter of Seniors Festival 2021, we are offering Victorian seniors 20% off* your Will during October. You can write your will today for just $96 if your circumstances are straight forward with our smart Online Will platform. We have flexible options to suit every need.

*The offer ends 31/10/2021. Terms and conditions apply.


Our Will & Powers of Attorney Services

The Online Will

Online Will

If you have straightforward circumstances, our Online Will is a great choice for you. It’s a simple and easy way to create a will on your own and could take as little as 30 minutes to complete.


Now only $96

Complete online, print and sign
Australia wide
Simple circumstances
Complete within 30 days, anywhere
At your own pace
Guided online experience
Start now
Will Consultation

Will & Powers of Attorney Appointment

You can book an appointment with one of our expert writers here at State Trustees. In-person, or via a video call, an appointment is a great way to get support in making a will & powers of attorney in line with your wishes.

Will from $160 

Powers of Attorney from $124

*For pricing on all other appointments, check out T&Cs.

Written with expert writer (video consultation available)
Victoria only
Simple and complex circumstances
Complete within appointment time
1 to 2 hour appointment
Tailored to your needs
Book appointment

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We can give you peace of mind. Do your Will & Powers of Attorney today with State Trustees.

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