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The Victorian Will and Powers of Attorney Registry

The Victorian Will and Powers of Attorney Registry is a free initiative offered by State Trustees. It is a safe place to store and register your Will and Powers of Attorney documents. It is free for anyone who lives in Victoria and provides peace of mind for over 80,000 Victorians.

How does the Registry work?

State Trustees keeps the following information under the Victorian Will & Powers of Attorney Registry.

  • details of the person making the Will or Powers of Attorney;
  • details of the location where your Will or Powers of Attorney are stored;
  • details of your Executors or Attorneys
  • the physical documents (if you have chosen the option to store them).

The registry can help ensure your documents are found. You will need to advise your Executor and Attorney to contact State Trustees when the time comes. We will only ever release the information to the document owner or nominated Executor and Attorneys. More information on how to retrieve documents can be found here.

What documents can I register and store in the Victorian Will and Powers of Attorney Registry?

The following documents relating to your estate can be physically stored;

  • Will
  • General Non-Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Medical Treatment Decision Maker
  • Supportive Attorney

By using The Victorian Will and Powers of Attorney Registry, your Executor will always know where to locate your Will, and your Attorney can access your Powers of Attorney documents should the need ever arise.

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