Story telling unites generations…

I am in the privileged position of leading an organisation that has a long history dating back to the 1850s, State Trustees is the Public Trustee for Victoria, an organisation that is trusted by Victorians to maintain the dignity of life, and to assist people when they are questioning why things are as they are.

State Trustees makes an enormous difference to people’s lives, our people are passionate about the contribution we can make and the extremely important place we have in being there for people when they need it. It became apparent to me that the passion that we have for what we do, didn’t resonate with the Victorian Community more broadly.

And so late last year we asked ourselves; what is our belief, what do we stand for and why do we exist? A group of employees started working to answer these questions and through this process we identified and articulated our ‘belief statement’ – it is a simple notion that we are there for people when life’s not fair. We already knew that what we do matters, and as custodians for the past and the future we agreed that:

Life’s not fair. It challenges, it questions, it takes.

People deserve to live on and that’s why we exist.

State Trustees is a source of trusted help, and our help means people can live on in life and in memory. After all, memories are what create legacy and history, and it is through this belief that the State Trustees is being reignited.

We are encouraging Victorians to keep their family history alive through sharing stories now. Think about a ‘cherished thing’ – that really important heirloom that you have to pass to someone else, or that really important thing that has been passed to you. The most valuable ‘things’ would mean nothing to anyone else, they don’t have a large financial value but they have a story attached to them and it’s the sharing of these stories that generations are united and history lives on.

Discovering or rediscovering ‘cherished things’ and sharing the stories behind them, allow families to reconnect with their heritage and help them foster a deeper sense of understanding as to who they really are and what has come before them. We at State Trustees want Victorians to understand the importance of storytelling, as all too often history stops because family don’t know the story behind an item.

We are very grateful to the three families who invited us into their homes and allowed us to capture the moment they shared a ‘cherished thing’ with their grandchildren and to hear why this item is so special to them and why they want them to have it…

We’d love you to share your ‘cherished things’ and the stories behind then, and for you to encourage more people to ensure their legacy lives on by imparting their stories today.

I am proud of the legacy we are creating, and hope that we can encourage many other Victorians to feel the same way. To share your story and to see the emotional moment three Victorian grandparents spent with their grandchildren head to: