State Trustees manages client funds responsibly

State Trustees has vigorously defended its track record in relation to a claim that it has not acted in the best interests of its clients.thumb-manage-clients-square

Allegations against State Trustees published in today’s Sunday Age (1 Feb 2015) could not go unanswered, according to State Trustees Chief Executive, Craig Dent, who stressed the organisation is heavily constrained in publicly disclosing any information in relation to the circumstances of an individual client.

“Anybody who deals with State Trustees knows we maintain the highest integrity, confidentiality and standards to protect the legal rights and financial circumstances of over 9500 vulnerable people, whose legal and financial wellbeing is entrusted to us because their family or friends are unwilling or unable to act as a legal and financial administrator, or where they have suffered financial abuse,” he said.

Mr Dent said State Trustees has robust processes and governance in place to protect the integrity and authority of any actions it takes on behalf of its clients, including regular reviews and independent external auditing.

“State Trustees places the highest priority on actions that are in its clients’ best interests, and I urge any client of State Trustees with concerns to make contact with us,” Mr Dent said.

“State Trustees will, of course, conduct a review of this complaint according to its normal processes,” he said.

“State Trustees acts in the best interests of its clients to make sound, financially responsible decisions that take all of the available information into consideration,” Mr Dent.