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State Trustees help break down barriers for the visually impaired

Blind Sports Australia will run a pilot program in Victoria to help break down the barriers to the vision impaired getting involved in sports, thanks to the help of State Trustees Australia Foundation.

Blind Sports Australia will develop a range of collateral to promote the participation of the vision impaired at their local sporting groups. They will work closely with sighted sporting clubs to open up facilities for Blind and Visually Impaired and to break down barriers to understanding how Blind Sports can be incorporated.

Following the success of the Victoria program, it will be rolled out nationally, based on the learnings and outcomes gained.

State Trustees Australia Foundation provided $17,000 to Blind Sports Australia as part of its Grassroot Grants program.

“Blind Sports Australia is very grateful to the State Trustees Australia Foundation for the provision of grant funding to support our Building pathways for Blind and Visually Impaired people to engage in sport program.”

“This grant will assist us develop material that can be used to inform those who are Blind or Vision Impaired about the different sporting opportunities that are available to them and what is involved.”

“Blind Sports Australia want to reach out to not only those who are currently Blind or have a Vision Impairment, but also to those that are beginning to lose their sight, so that they can develop an understanding of what opportunities are available to them in the future.”

“Many people who have been active in their life often withdraw from sport once they develop a vision impairment, we want to let people know that they can continue to be active and engaged in sport, despite their diminishing vision.”

“We hope that the resources we produce through this project will also enable us to also reach out to sporting clubs, to help them understand that many sports are still played by those with a Vision Impairment or who are Blind, and that by opening up their clubs to Blind and Vision Impaired variations of the sport, that they can encourage more people to join their club and develop a stronger and broader sense of community.” said Matthew Clayton, Executive Officer, Blind Sports Australia.

The 2018 Grassroot Grants will distribute over $220,000 to twelve not-for-profit organisations throughout Victoria.

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