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Donating to the Foundation

Establishing a sub-fund in the Foundation

You can set up a sub-fund within the Foundation either via a donation (given during your lifetime) or a bequest (given through your will).

Donations and bequests can be made to chosen charities or specific causes such as medical research, the environment, the arts, animals, or individuals with disabilities. You can name the account after your family, an organisation, or in memory of a loved one.

There are numerous benefits to making your perpetual donation through State Trustees Australia Foundation, including:

  • You can establish a sub-fund within the Foundation, so you don’t need to set up and administer your own private charitable trust
  • Your initial donation continues to keep on giving, as the interest it earns is distributed to charities year after year
  • Your donation has greater impact, as the trustee can pool income from a number of sub-funds with the same charitable purpose or charitable organisation
  • The Foundation is managed by experts in investment, trusts and grant making
  • If giving during your lifetime, you can make regular tax-deductible donations

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