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How we can help your client or loved one

We are responsible for over 9,500 clients in different situations. We manage their legal and financial affairs. These clients may live independently, be moving to a care facility or may have been in a care facility for some time.

We can help your family member or client by working with you to:

  • manage their financial affairs
  • provide financial security and stability
  • make sure they are receiving the correct income
  • make sure their accounts and bills are paid
  • maintain their fortnightly budget and savings plan.

With us as their financial administrator, you can focus on their general health, mental health and wellbeing.

“It stops family fights; it allows people to have their finances looked after without having the worry of it being taken by family members or spent incorrectly. For someone who can’t read or write, it gives them peace of mind that things are explained, and someone is out there to care for them.”

– Rose

People who live independently

It can be difficult to make sure there is enough money to pay rent and household bills when someone spends their pension in the first week. This can create a cycle of debt and your client or loved one can be at risk of becoming homeless.

One of our financial consultants will make sure expenses, such as rent and household bills, are paid. This can provide security and stability for your client or loved one.

Through a fortnightly budget, many of our clients can afford their accommodation expenses and will receive payments for groceries and travel expenses. We can also put a savings plan in place for extra purchases, such as clothing or a new television.

Our pension team can also make sure your client or loved one is receiving the correct amount of rent assistance.

People who are moving to an aged care facility

When someone moves into an aged care facility, they often have to pay a bond, as well as sell their house and any personal items that they don’t need anymore. Our aged care team can fill out the financial assessment documents for your client or family member and, if they can, negotiate a bond payment amount.

We work with our clients and their families to arrange the removal of people’s belongings and cleaning of their home in preparation for sale.

People who live in an aged care facility

As a client or your loved one’s administrator, we will manage the payments of nursing home fees, pharmacy accounts and other expenses. This means that family members can focus on your relationship with your loved one and not have to worry about whether their bills have been paid.

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