OC Waterless Car System gets $20,000 to help expand

OC Connections Ltd will expand its waterless car wash and employ an additional eight people living with a disability with help from the State Trustees Australia Foundation.

OC Connections Enterprise mobile waterless car wash employs 20 people living with a disability in Melbourne’s South-eastern suburbs servicing Kingston City Council, Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The waterless car wash has been very popular and following additional interest it will be expanding its service to Bayside City Council, Westpac and VicRoads.

The $20,000 grant will help the car wash service new contracts and employ eight new staff. The grant was awarded in the 2018 round of the State Trustees Australia Foundation Grassroots Grants program.

“Our unique model allows workers with a disability to actively contribute to managing and growing the small business across Melbourne. Workers are provided with the opportunity to learn additional skills that can benefit in the workplace and in their everyday lives.”

“This model provides the opportunity in time for participants to move from the Disability Support Pension (DSP) and become wage earning, tax paying citizens.” said OC Connections CEO, Therese Desmond