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Securing their Future Publication

Securing Their Future was first published as Thinking Ahead in 1990. This year, State Trustees has once again contributed to the development of the advice for those caring for a person with a decision-making disability. Download ‘Securing their Future Publication 2016’

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$60,000 for dementia care research projects

State Trustees Australia Foundation recently funded two dementia care research projects to help people with dementia and their carers retain their independence and cope with depression and anxiety. This first project will explore ways to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions for people with dementia. Although hospitalisation is often necessary, admissions related to issues such as carer […]

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elder abuse

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day- 15 June 2016

State Trustees recently commissioned a piece of market research to investigate family legacy and elder abuse among Victorians – the research examined attitudes and behaviours relating to wills, power of attorney and executorships, as well as some of the contributors to under-reported problems, particularly around family legacy and financial elder abuse. New Limited have utilised the research in an article leading up to World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June 2016.

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Will

With the recent passing of Prince and subsequent news he died without a will, what should be a time of reflection and mourning may now be hijacked by a litany of claims and contests against his vast estate. This is not a new story. Notable stars who’ve also died without a will include Jimi Hendrix […]

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How to Choose and Appoint a Guardian for Minor Children

The birth of a child is an exciting time. A new chapter of your life begins when a baby is born. It’s also a time that you may ponder the fragility of life and the impact that unexpected circumstances may have on your loved ones. Why you should appoint a guardian for your child You […]

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Why Safe Storage of Your Will is an Absolute Must

To protect your final wishes when you pass, and to prevent unnecessary stress for your chosen executor, storing your will safely – and somewhere it can be easily found – is vital. When the will ‘disappears’ It’s more common than most people think! Take this hypothetical scenario as an example: John and Marie’s circumstances had […]

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