New Beginnings…

thumb-ceo-powerful-connectionsFor the past forty (40) years, State Trustees has called 168 Exhibition Street, Melbourne its home, that was up until Friday, 18 July 2014. State Trustees over the weekend, has completed its relocation to Footscray, the third and final stage in its regionalisation strategy; a fundamental outcome of that strategy is to ensure that the organisation is more accessible to all Victorians.

In 2010, State Trustees proudly opened its Southern Service Centre in Dandenong and in 2012 our Regional Office opened in Bendigo. Today, Monday 21 July 2014, our new Head Office opens its doors in Footscray at 1 McNab Avenue, Footscray.

State Trustees and its predecessors have a long history dating back to 1860 in the State of Victoria, with it all starting with the Curator of Estates of Deceased Persons and the Master of Equity and Lunacy providing trustee services to the Victorian Community. In 1939, the Public Trustee Act was established and in 1987, the State Trust Corporation of Victoria Act was introduced.  The enactment of the State Trustees (State Owned Company) Act in 1994 is the governing legislation that still sees our organisation operate as it does today.

Over the past two years State Trustees has undertaken a significant transformation program, focused on improving client outcomes, enhanced systems and processes whilst introducing an emphasis on developing our people and changing the inherent culture of the organisation.  Core to the success of our transformation and the future of our company is placing our clients at the centre of all decisions we make on their behalf and I am excited to see this happening each and every day.

The relocation to a brand new 5 Star, Green Star building at One McNab Avenue, Footscray is an exciting move and we look forward to building stronger relationships with the community. For some employees at State Trustees, the relocation means they have moved out of a workplace they have been working in for the last 40 years, after being with the organisation since it moved into Exhibition Street back in the early 70’s.

Moving to 1 McNab Avenue, Footscray as a key tenant today has special significance and aligns with the next phase of our transformation where our focus on innovation and continuous improvement, enhanced service delivery and becoming a world leading trustee organisation gathers even more momentum.

I am proud and fortunate to be the CEO of State Trustees as we move into our new Head Office at Footscray and to be leading the organisation on a client centric journey of excellence. I would like to thank all those who have made our relocation not only possible but also such a huge success.

To catch a glimpse of our head office in Footscray, I encourage you to view the following short video that highlights just some of the great features of the new office.