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Planning ahead for your future health care

16 May 2017

Your good health

Staying healthy as we age plays a vital role in our general sense of wellbeing. Our health requires both ongoing maintenance and good planning. Have you thought about what might happen if your health suddenly took a turn for the worse and you were unable to make your own decisions about the care you would receive? It’s wise to develop a plan to care for yourself should you become suddenly ill or suffer a serious injury.

Consider this scenario: you suffer a major stroke and are no longer able to care for yourself. How would you want to be looked after? Who is best placed to make decisions relating to your health care and medical treatment? Have you communicated to anyone what your wishes would be if this scenario was to eventuate?

Advance care planning is something to consider to ensure you receive the right individual treatment should you become sick or incapacitated at some future time.

Safeguard yourself from sudden illness or injury

Life is unpredictable. No one expects to suffer a stroke, lose cognitive capacity or to suddenly succumb to a serious illness. It makes good sense to safeguard yourself so your wishes are known should something unforeseen happen. Many people avoid having these kinds of conversations and taking action for fear of tempting fate.  Don’t leave your future wellbeing to chance, start the conversations today with those you trust and work towards putting an advance care plan into place.  Take active steps today to ensure you are cared for as you wish should you suffer an accident or illness.

Prepare an Enduring Power of Attorney, medical treatment

Get started and initiate conversations with your family, friends and medical specialists. It’s a great opportunity to write down your wishes so your most trusted people can communicate and deliver your preferred for medical treatment if the need arises. Whilst there is no standard form for an advance care plan you can help ensure your voice is heard by outlining and witnessing your wishes in a letter. Follow this up and formally record your wishes by preparing an Enduring Power of Attorney for medical treatment. An Enduring Power of Attorney for medical treatment allows you to appoint a trusted friend or family member to make decisions about your health and wellbeing if you are unable to make those decisions yourself. Whoever you appoint as your attorney can consent to any lawful medical treatment and refuse medical treatment on your behalf.

How we can help

You should prepare your Enduring Powers of Attorney when you are healthy, aware and in control.

If you are a resident of Victoria needing to make an Enduring Power of Attorney for medical treatment it is important that you obtain the information and guidance that is appropriate to your personal situation.

State Trustees understands Power of Attorney law. Our expert staff can guide you through the process and options by offering independent and impartial advice. State Trustees’ experienced professionals will ask you the right questions (including some you may not have considered) so that you can make the best possible decisions when preparing your Enduring Power of Attorney for medical treatment.

For more information email us here or call us today on 03 9667 6444 or 1300 138 672 (outside Melbourne) for a confidential, obligation-free discussion.


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