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Now is the time to get sorted with a will

15 Feb 2017

Don’t put it off any longer

Time flies by too quickly, right? Life is a roundabout of children’s schooling and sporting events, looking out for your ageing parents, keeping up with demands of your working life, trying to find a little ‘me’ time and of course finding quality time with your partner.

Before the year runs away from you, take stock, get the things done that fall into the ‘not now, but I’ll get to it later’ category.

Getting sorted

Making your Will is one of the most important things you’ll ever do, so isn’t it high time you got your head out of the sand and made it real?

One thing to get sorted is your will. Granted, no one wants to think about their departure, but have you thought about what it means for your family if something unexpected should happen and you and your partner are no longer around?

Now is the time

Having a clearly written and up-to-date will is important because it:

  • outlines who you want to benefit from your estate
  • allows you to nominate a guardian for any children that you might have who are under the age of 18
  • sets out how you wish to distribute your property and possessions
  • reduces potential conflict after your death
  • helps your executor understand how you would like your affairs managed

Keeping on top of life’s changes

With all the swings and roundabouts life presents, be sure to revisit your will every time a major event occurs. An up-to-date will helps ensure the important people in your life are looked after.

As a rule of thumb, you should change your will after a significant life event like:

  • If you marry, re-marry/re-partner, separate or divorce
  • If you have more children/grandchildren
  • If you acquire or dispose or significant assets (e.g. property)
  • If you establish or dispose of a company or a business
  • If an executor becomes ill or dies
  • If a beneficiary dies or has a significant change in circumstances

and you can store your original will in The Victorian Will Bank. When storing your will it is a good idea to let someone trusted know where it can be located.

How we can help

No matter how straightforward or complicated your situation is, State Trustees professionals can help you prepare your will.

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