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Ideas to drive your dollars further

17 Nov 2016

The idea of withdrawing from active working life is appealing and let’s face it you’ve worked hard to get to where you are, so now is the time to enjoy yourself. Imagine a day that is completely your own to enjoy golfing, gardening, travelling, reading or relaxing with friends and family. These are just some of the benefits of retiring and there is no doubt that there’s plenty more.

Generally speaking, Australians are living longer and healthier lives, so anything you can do to save money today will help you better prepare for tomorrow.

Here are six ideas to kick-start saving some dollars.

1. Write a weekly meal plan

Grab the grocery catalogues and plan your meals around the weekly specials. By doing one shop rather than several small ones it cuts down on impulse buying.

2. Join a library

There is entertainment on offer at your local library. Discover something new to read, listen to an audiobook, browse the magazines or borrow some DVDs and escape into a great story.

3. Buddy up and move

Save on the health club memberships, buddy up with a friend and get walking. Step out and explore the great outdoors, it might make you a little healthier too.

4. Shop the sales

A smart way to plan for gift giving occasions is to keep your eyes out for end-of-season clearance sales; buy gifts when they are on sale and store them for upcoming times. This way you can gift quality items without having to pay premium prices.

5. Green cleaning

Instead of spending on costly chemical cleaners, opt for natural products like eucalyptus oil, bi-carb soda and vinegar which are all much cheaper and go a long way.

6. Be energy savvy

Conserve energy by turning off the lights, limiting shower times, using the cold water setting on your washing machine etc. Every little bit helps to lower your utility bills.


This article is for general advice only and does not take into account your personal circumstances. For financial advice appropriate to your individual situation, consult a qualified financial advisor.

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