Keeping Victorians’ family stories alive

Thank you to the three families who allowed us to capture the moment they shared a ‘cherished thing’

The sharing of family stories can unite generations

Memories are what create legacy and history, and it is through this belief that State Trustees has become a source of trusted help; which means our help ensures people can live on in life and, in memory.

We are encouraging Victorians to keep their family history alive through sharing their stories now. Think about a ‘cherished thing’ – perhaps it’s that really important heirloom that you have to pass on to someone else, or that really valuable thing that has been passed on to you. The most valuable ‘things’ might not mean anything to anyone else, they possibly don’t have a large financial value but they have a story attached to them and it’s the sharing of these stories that unites generations and ensures that history lives on.

Discovering or rediscovering ‘cherished things’ and sharing the stories behind them, allows families to reconnect with their heritage and helps them foster a deeper sense of understanding as to who they really are and what has come before them.

At State Trustees we want Victorians to understand the importance of storytelling, as all too often history stops because families don’t know the story behind an item and important stories and memories become lost.

We are very grateful to the three families who invited us into their homes and allowed us to capture the moment they shared a ‘cherished thing’ with their grandchildren and to hear why this item is so special to them and why they want them to have it.

Craig Dent, CEO State Trustees

Cherished things

Teagan and John, Castlemaine

A day she’ll never forget, Tegan’s grandad became her hero. Now she knows the real story of that cricket ball and the day he made history. And so will her kids and their kids.

Ella and Colin, Keilor

Ella always wondered what that shiny badge was in Pop’s shed. Then one day he told her and he asked her to look after that cherished badge forever more. Now Ella can tell the real story of the bravest man she ever met.

Harry and Giovanna, Mount Waverley

Harry never really knew his grandfather, but when his Nonna gave him that watch, he learned a lot about the man who made living in Australia possible. It’s a story he’ll never forget.

What’s your cherished thing?
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