2016 CONNECTED Art Exhibition

Celebrating the art and culture of those living with a physical disability or mental illness in Victoria

Enriching communities and encouraging social inclusion

‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.’ ─ Edgar Degas

The CONNECTED Art Exhibition was established in 2003 by State Trustees and showcases the work of emerging artists living with a disability or an experience of mental illness. It was borne from a passion for celebrating the abilities of those living with a physical disability or mental illness in Victoria.

Each year we continue to be impressed by the stunning variety of artworks submitted for the CONNECTED Art Exhibition. CONNECTED artists come from all over Victoria and this year, we’re thrilled to have received more than 220 entries. These were shortlisted down to just 83 artworks that comprised the 2016 exhibition.

The exhibition reminds us that it’s not disability or mental illness that are the defining traits of our connected artists, but it’s their individual talents as artists. We are very grateful and privileged to have a snapshot into our artists’ worlds.

For many of our artists, it is the first time they have ever put their work on public display. This is what makes CONNECTED so special.

CONNECTED brings us together to not only to celebrate the vitality that social inclusion creates, but also, to recognise the unique talents of the artists involved.  It is an opportunity to reflect on what we can achieve when we come together as a community that appreciates creativity and promotes social inclusion in the most visible way.

Congratulations to the 2016 CONNECTED Art Winners

  • First Prize Winner, ‘As One’ by Eshan El Helou
  • Second Prize Winner, ‘Shapes with Blue and Purple’ by Kaitlyn Bell
  • Third Prize Winner, ‘Point Lonsdale Pier’ by Deb Bowers
  • The Public Advocate’s Prize awarded to Justine Martin for ‘More Than Is Seen’












Special mention to major sponsors of the CONNECTED Art Exhibition Maurice Blackburn and Ern Jensen Funerals, as well as our secondary sponsors BDO, NOUS Group, Victoria University, Maddocks and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust. This event would not have been possible without your support.