Grants Program 2017 – Royal District Nursing Service

Program Medical Research
Organisation Royal District Nursing Service Limited (RDNS)
Project Enabling wellbeing by providing choices for people with dementia and memory loss
Amount $99,780
Date April 2017

The purpose of this project is to conduct a feasibility study providing proof of concept in relation to the ‘Enabling Choices Tool’ as a negotiated decision aid in the day to day practice of health professionals.

Supported by State Trustees Australia Foundation in 2015 (‘Safety versus autonomy in providing healthcare to community-dwelling older people with dementia’) RDNS explored the concept of risk in the context of dementia care, and created the ‘Enabling Choices Tool’ which allows health professionals to negotiate the risk that their clients with a diagnosis of dementia are experiencing.

The next stage of the project will evaluate and report on the proficiency of the ‘Enabling Choices Tool’ in a real life setting using both quantitative and quantitative analysis. Measures will be taken using client records and interviews during baseline, 6 months and 9 months intervals. Data will be analysed with a view to understanding the relationship between the facilitation of choice, quality of life, the experience of carers and engagement in activities and services.