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State Trustees Funeral Fund

What is a funeral fund?

Investing in a funeral bond or funeral fund means that you can put aside an amount of money to cover your funeral expenses. You can also say how you would like your funeral conducted.

Why plan ahead with funeral funds?

Paying for your funeral in advance gives you peace of mind that you are not passing on expenses to your family or friends. It makes sense to plan now because paying funeral expenses can be an important part of your estate and financial planning.

Why invest in a funeral fund?

The benefits of investing in a funeral fund include:

  • 100 per cent capital guaranteed – this means that you will get out everything that you put in.
  • You’re providing for your own funeral, which gives your family peace of mind.
  • By giving funeral instructions now, the investment protects against future cost increases.
  • There is no limit on age or medical conditions.
  • Your funeral fund is not included in the aged pension and other entitlement asset and income tests.

How to start your funeral fund

We can facilitate your funeral fund. We also offer a regular savings plan option to help you pay for the cost of your funeral.

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