Deceased Estate Administration

We can manage the estate on your behalf

If you’ve been nominated as executor but don’t believe you have the capacity to fulfil the required duties, you’re under no legal obligation to accept the appointment. You can choose to authorise another person or a professional trustee to administer the estate on your behalf.

When nominated or authorised as an executor, State Trustees will:

  • take on complete legal responsibility and liability for the estate
  • take the pressure out of a difficult time
  • act impartially at all times with a focus on carrying out the wishes of the person who has died
  • use our experience to help you get the best outcome possible
  • offer convenient end-to-end estate administration
  • handle outstanding debts and estate administration costs
  • help you transfer authority to administer the estate to State Trustees.

State Trustees can administer an estate on your behalf in any of the following situations:

  • if there is no will and if you are an eligible next of kin according to the laws of intestacy, you may authorise State Trustees to act
  • if you have been nominated as executor and don’t wish to proceed for any reason, you can appoint State Trustees as executor on your behalf
  • if all of the named executors are not available, able, or willing to take on the role, the next of kin with the largest entitlement can authorise State Trustees to administer the estate
  • where State Trustees has already been nominated in the will.

State Trustees are the experts in all aspects of estate administration and we administer more deceased estates than any other organisation in Victoria.

It’s important to note that if you do decide to choose State Trustees, it’s best to make the decision before you apply for probate. While you can change executors after probate has been granted, you’ll need permission from the Supreme Court. This is often a complex, costly and time-consuming process.


Assistance where there is no will

Where there is no will, State Trustees may be engaged to administer an intestate estate or assist the most entitled person of the estate to carry out specific tasks on their behalf.


Why should you consider State Trustees?

State Trustees has been administering deceased estates for decades so we’re experts in dealing with estates of varying levels of complexity. Our professionals provide unbiased service and trusted, individual care.

Every situation is unique and expert help can make a real difference.

You’re invited to contact State Trustees for an obligation-free discussion to gather advice on your role and to understand how our services can be of benefit.

Contact us on 03 9667 6444 or outside Melbourne, call 1300 138 672.