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Your digital legacy all in one place

These days, our lives are lived digitally. We live, learn, earn, and share online, creating digital assets that are just as valuable and meaningful as our physical possessions.

But when we die, executors, beneficiaries and our loved ones can struggle to collect and hold on to our digital legacy. Digital estates can be lost.

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Protect your digital legacy with DigiSafe!

What are Digital Assets?

The stories are becoming more and more common – photos and videos locked inside iPhones and laptops, important documents trapped inside computers, business email accounts unaccessible, Kindle accounts with libraries of books lost. Our lives are now digital, and we need to think about how we get our digital possessions to our loved ones.

Military Grade Encryption

Only you hold the keys to your digital kingdom.

AES-256 Encryption
Only you and the people you invite will be able to view your documents. Even we can’t see your data unless you decide to share it with us.

Multi Factor Authentication
We verify your identity every time you log in.

SSL Encryption
All data sent and received is encrypted in transit with 2048-bit SHA-2 encryption. Put simply everything will remain private from sneaky eyes and ears.

Encrypted at rest.
Your encrypted data is stored on our Australian servers.


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Registration and Account Set-up
    You will receive a registration email from State Trustees. You will need to download the app, set up your mobile number for verification and set a password.
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  • Can I update my details or change my password?
    Yes, you go to the Settings tab on the left-hand side and select the Profile Settings, from there you can input or change your details accordingly.
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  • What is the difference between a recipient and confidant?
    Recipient: someone you wish to receive your digital assets. Confidant: we’ll require their confirmation of your death before releasing any data.
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  • Can someone be both a confidant and recipient?
    Yes, by default a confidant is a recipient.
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  • How do you add a confidant?
    To add a confidant, open the application and click on the people tab to the left side of your screen. Next click on the new person button near the top of the window. Click the toggle button next to ‘confidant’
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  • How do you add a recipient?
    To add a recipient, open the application and click on the people tab to the left side of your screen. Click on the new person button near the top of the window
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  • Will a recipient know if they’ve been added or removed from my account?
    Recipients will not be notified they have been added or removed from the DigiSafe platform, they will only find out once your death is confirmed. If you choose to share a file with a recipient whilst you are alive then they will be notified.
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  • Do I need to tell someone if they are a recipient or confidant?
    It is recommended you let people know (especially confidants) when you have assigned them data.
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  • What is a group?
    Groups allow you to assign files to multiple people simultaneously.
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  • How do you create a group?
    On the people page, click ‘create new group’ at the top of the screen and enter a name for your group - for example, ‘friends’.
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  • Can someone be in multiple groups?
    Yes, they can, you will need to assign them to each group individually.
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  • What is a template?
    Your DigiSafe platform has several built-in file types to help you upload and store your data. These file types are some of the most common categories that people use.
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  • How do I use a template?
    To add any of these types of data, navigate to the storage tab on the left side of the window. Here, hover your mouse on the ‘add new’ button, and then select the type of file you wish to add from the dropdown menu. You can also create folders to help organise your data if you’d like.
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  • What types of files can I upload?
    You can upload almost any type of file from your computer into your digital vault.
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  • How do I upload file on the platform?
    To upload a file, navigate to the storage tab on the left side of the window and click on it. To upload an item, simply click on the upload button at the top.
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  • Can I send in documents via email?
    Yes, you can, you will be given a unique email address for your DigiSafe where you can email documents directly to the platform. You can find your email in the Settings section under the personal information category.
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  • What is the storage tab?
    The storage tab is where you will see the contents of your digital vault.
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  • How can I see my storage limit?
    Go to the Setting tab on the left-hand side and there is a bar at the top of the Profile Settings section.
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  • Can I create folders to organise my data?
    Yes. When you create a folder, it also allows you to assign it in bulk (sometimes it’s easier to put all your data in a folder and assign that folder to a person, than assign 24 items individually to a person).
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  • How do I create a folder?
    In the storage tab, hover your mouse on the ‘add new’ button at the top, and select the folder option at the very bottom of the list.
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  • Can I delete a folder?
    Yes, you can, however when you delete a folder you also delete everything stored in that folder.
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  • Can I make data available whilst I’m alive?
    Yes, you can make data in your DigiSafe available to recipients while you’re still alive. This is useful for certain types of data (such as care instructions for your pet, or Powers of Attorney) where it may be needed immediately should something happen to you.
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  • How do I make a particular item available while I'm alive?
    To make an item always available - click on the icon of the item and toggle the ‘always available’ button.
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  • Will my data be shared with State Trustees?
    By default, State Trustee will not have access to the data you upload to DigiSafe. If you wish, you can share some, or all, of your data with State Trustees.
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  • How can I share my data with State Trustees?
    You can provide State Trustees access to files you’ve uploaded. This is useful if you've appointed us as Executor of your estate.
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  • How do I view an item I have received?
    If someone has left you items, and their death has been verified, you can access this data via your DigiSafe.
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