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Connected 2019 Art Gallery

Aaron Deans
Notre Dame

Amanda Broughill
Study of view of Arles

Andrew Pearson
What is her name

Angeline Remy
Australia’s Reef Treasure

Anne Brabet
Almost Summer

Aurora Gill
Peter Pan’s Adventure to McDonald’s

Benjamin J Evans

Bernadette Winter
Colour Field

Betty Siropoulos
Portrait of a Landscape Artist

Bianca Frangos
Petal Box

Bradley Barnes
Into the Spiderverse

Brendan Beesley
Wing It

Brooke Cork

Casandra Luppo
Baby Bull

Cathrine Boyle
One Woman, Many Faces

Charmaine Hope Scown
Little Birdie

Chase Klingenspor
Trevor in the Garden

Christian Den Besten
Old Wool Shipping Insurance Stock Dalgety Co. Ltd

Christine Wagner
Eyes from Mars

Christopher Waring

Daniel Pace

David Braybrook
The Blob

David White
Unicorns Fleeing

Yvette Adamson
Sugar Skulls

Diana Tsung
Mother Nature

Dianne Chenery
To Take a Sweet Flight To You

Donald Harvey
Snow on Mount Buninyong

Emilla Belleggia
Girl Beneath Water

Felix Chau

Georgia Szmerling

Giuseppe Luliano
My World

Greg Stevens
The Final Stand

Helen Potton
Imprited Heart

Helen Butcher
The Mad Hatters Tea Cup

Holly Walton
Spring Equinox

Ian Jones
Medication Boxes

Iris Dawson
I Once Was a Shark

Jacob Chapman
Pirate Coin

James Ward
Pink Dancers

Jamie King
Coloured Birdscape

Jennifer Keating
A Get Well Shell

Jessica Walker
Deep Sea Mariner

John Stewart
Antarctic Mission

Jordan Dymke
Holding On

Jordan Pecar
A Girl and Her Dragon

Joyce Nester-Jesperson
Dreaming of Spring

Julie Clarke

Kelly Williams
Midnight Feast

Kristy Dever
Before I Lose My Way

Kylie Steinhardt
Clear Mind

Larissa MacFarlane
Water Handstands

Leon Walduter
The Ice Black Lady

Liam O’Neil

Liz Partington

Malcolm Sanders

Manuela Bortoletto
All Colours on Black

Marice Henare
Living History

Marice Henare
The Flying Spirit

Marilin Simmons
Fishing in Barooga

Matt Robertson
Rock Painting of Rohan and Juileasr

Meg Stewart-Snoad

Michael McDowell
Skeeta My Cat

Michelle Loschiavo
Fragrant Fields

Nadine Spilsbury
Mr O Owl

Naomi Mathieson
Golden Glow

Natalie Leibowitz
Paper Shards

Owen B Renfrey
Self Portrait

Pam Marks
Life Lines

Patricia Tripcony
Mona Lisa

Paul Gable
The Dictators

Raymond Luke

Rodney Rees

Ross O’Meara

Sammy Besley
Michael Jackson Signing

Sarah Tracton

Scott Maltese

Sharon Cunningham
Fractured Soul

Shelby Gardner

Stefano Conti
Eyes Open

Steve Smith
In Havana, peering for the pier in Havana

Steven Perrette
Maritime Boat

Sue Overton
Something in Paris

Terri Fealy

Tessa Barber

Tom Hastings
Letters and Numbers

Trevor Ah Hang

Vera Tajkoski
Homage to John Percival

Virginia Mulholland
Ethereal Milkmaid

Wayne Jackson
Self Portrait

Ying Chi

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