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Cherished Things Survey – Snapshot Infographic

How much do Victorian’s actually know about their family history? We did some investigating to find out.

In August 2015, State Trustees commissioned a research project to investigate and understand the awareness levels among Victorians of their family history and their individual family stories. The online survey comprised of 1,014 Victorians over the age of 18 years from the Melbourne metro and key regional areas.

We’ve produced an infographic to share the key findings. You’ll also find some of the key findings below.

Download the complete PDF infographic here (177KB)

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Key research findings from Cherished Things research

  • Nearly all Victorians (85%) feel that knowing their family history is important. Despite this, only 26% feel that they currently know their family history well.
  • More than half of the respondents have a detailed family tree (60%). Only a small number feel that both parents (25% strongly agree) and grandparents (17% strongly agree) have told them many stories about their family history.
  • 70% of Victorians don’t know their parents’ most cherished stories, and 74% of Victorians are not aware of their parents’ most cherished items and the stories that accompany them – effectively stopping history when their parents die or lose capacity. The level of knowledge about grandparents is even lower: nine out of 10 of the respondents did not have any knowledge about their grandparents’ most cherished stories or most cherished items.
  • A large proportion of respondents have limited knowledge of their grandparents:
    • 38% were not aware of their own grandparents’ country of origin
    • 54% were not aware if their grandparents had siblings
    • 55% were not aware of their grandparents’ occupation
    • 51% were not aware of their grandparents’ religious background
    • 60% didn’t know their grandmother’s maiden name
    • 62% were not aware if their grandparents had fought in a war
    • 54% didn’t know when their grandparents arrived in Australia.
  • According to the research, one in four Victorians ‘don’t know’ if there were ‘cherished things’ in their family. However, it is interesting to note that of those who are aware of the existence of cherished heirlooms, more than three quarters (78%) know their story “well” or “extremely well”.
  • Only 25% of those surveyed have ‘cherished things’ in the family and know the stories behind them. However, only 72% of these respondents say they have passed their ‘cherished things’ and stories on to their children.

Cherished Things Series

This research was part of the ‘Cherished Things’ campaign, an initiative by State Trustees to increase awareness of sharing family memories and leaving a legacy. You can watch the unique stories of three Victoria families here at –


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