Career and professional development

A career with State Trustees means more than what you do for a job.

At State Trustees, we offer the opportunity for you to build and develop your career.  Our diverse organisation covers a range of disciplines such as Client Services, Finance, Professional Services, Legal and Compliance, Information Services, Product Development and Marketing, Brand and Communications.

We offer career pathways to our people to allow them to expand their expertise across all areas of the company.  We’re proud of our success in growing our own talent and supporting our people in pursuing professional development activities that will expand their knowledge base and contribute e to the organisational culture.

We are committed to developing our people’s talents and expertise.

Our success depends on the knowledge, attitude and behaviours of our employees, so we’ll ensure you have everything you need to develop and grow in your role.

Our approach to professional development consists of a combination of on-the-job, self-directed learning and, face-to-face learning all of which is tailored to each role within the organisation. Some of our learning opportunities include:

  • Secondment and higher duties opportunities;
  • Coaching and mentoring;
  • Internal and external training programs; and
  • Education assistance.

We encourage all of our employees to learn, challenge and grow and offer a supportive environment for this to be achieved.