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Are you missing out on NDIS benefits you’re entitled to?

Are you missing out on NDIS benefits you’re entitled to?

After an accident left him with an acquired brain injury, State Trustees was appointed to help manage 42-year-old *Craig’s finances. Craig was able to keep living independently, but with no family or friends around to act as a support network, he was paying $60,000 a year out of his own pocket for support. This was for in-home care, a day program, therapy, a carer to help access community networks and additional transport costs.

State Trustees quickly realised that despite receiving assistance to connect with these support services through his local council and a hospital social worker, no one had spoken to Craig about applying for assistance via the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

We contacted the NDIS and confirmed Craig had never made an application for NDIS support and he was not enrolled in the scheme. Through conversations with Craig we explained what the NDIS was, went over the application and eligibility requirements and outlined how the scheme could benefit him. Following these conversations Craig decided he did want to apply for the NDIS, but he also advised how important it was for him to retain the existing supports he had established. We agreed the best-case scenario would be for Craig to keep his support services but no longer pay for them himself.

State Trustees referred Craig to an advocacy agency who helped with his NDIS application. The application was successful and in his very first planning meeting with the NDIS Craig secured $110,000 in funding for his NDIS plan.

The newly approved NDIS plan covered the cost of all Craig’s existing supports, as well as additional funding for a Plan Manager and a Support Coordinator to help with the allocation and implementation of his funding.

We worked with Craig to understand his situation, listen to what is most important to him, explain the options available, develop and agree a plan of action, and provide assistance navigating the system. The result was Craig no longer had to spend his own money on disability-related supports and services he was entitled to have funded through the scheme. This saved Craig a considerable amount of money, which he can now spend on things that are important to him such as holidays and art supplies, enriching his quality of life and increasing his social interactions.

Every day, State Trustees works with our Clients to ensure they are aware of their entitlements and have the right assistance to secure them. State Trustees does many things for our clients who may be eligible for the NDIS, including:

  • Ensuring our clients aren’t paying for anything the NDIS should be covering.
  • Seeking refunds for the client if they have paid for something the NDIS should have paid for.
  • Working with a client’s NDIS supports, including Support Coordinators and Plan Managers, to ensure NDIS plans are being fulfilled and implemented.
  • Requesting re-direction of the client’s NDIS transport funding to their own bank account.
  • Answering questions about the NDIS, including the application process and eligibility, and referring clients and their supports to their nearest NDIS office or support to get started.
  • Referring our clients to an advocacy agency if they need help or support to apply for the NDIS, even if they have applied before.
  • Referring our clients to other support services that may be more suitable than ones they have previously used.
  • Referring our clients to other support services that may be able to assist with their NDIS application or may be able to assist with implementation of their NDIS plan.
  • Working with the NDIS, service providers, aged care facilities and other relevant stakeholders to get the best outcomes for our clients in respect to the NDIS.
  • Having regular meetings with the NDIS and other service providers to discuss how we can improve our processes, build stronger relationships and get better outcomes for our clients.

Are you living with disability or acting as a carer or support person for someone who is? Contact State Trustees today to have a conversation about how we may be able to assist.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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